Energy Star Portfolio Manager
ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager

Monitoring energy data can be daunting. With Portfolio Manager, you can track your energy and water use and measure how your building’s energy performance compares.

How Do I Compare with My Competitors?

No matter the size of your building or company, you need to understand how your facility is currently performing to determine the steps you can take to get even better. This is where benchmarking with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® comes in: by comparing your facility's energy usage with similar facilities, you will understand where your building is performing well and identify areas of improvement. All you need to get started are your energy bills and some basic information about your building. 

Benchmarking can help you and your business:

  • Set energy use targets.

  • Prioritize energy investments.

  • Track energy improvements over time.

  • Decrease energy waste and operating costs while increasing productivity.

  • Receive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognition.

How Portfolio Manager Works

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the most-used energy measurement and tracking tool for commercial buildings that allows you to:

  • Track and assess the energy and water consumption of your buildings.

  • Generate weather-normalized energy use intensity and greenhouse gas emissions metrics.

  • Receive a 1 to 100 ENERGY STAR score for many eligible building types.

  • Generate custom reports that allow you to see your building’s energy use trend over time and compare it to other buildings within your portfolio.


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