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Learn more about the latest technology, get inspiration from successful energy upgrades by other businesses and industries, and find energy advice you can trust with our energy education.
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Whether you’re a farmer trying to increase milk production or a restaurant owner looking to maintain a quiet and pleasant dining experience, HVLS fans can be applied to businesses and buildings of all shapes and sizes.
Custom incentives may be available for projects not included under the standard incentive offering. These incentives are offered at a rate of up to $0.10 per
annual kWh for the installation of most technologies. 

TVA’s EnergyRight® for Business & Industry along with your local power company have incentives and programs to help your company be more profitable and productive in the Tennessee Valley. 
Indoor Ag
TVA's EnergyRight currently offers incentives for smart energy technologies that support indoor agriculture. Your facility may be qualified to receive a custom incentive up to $0.10 per kWh consumed.
Non Road Electric Vehicles (NREV) not only offer lower ownership and operating costs but also require less service repair and maintenance than traditional counterparts. They provide healthier, safer, cleaner and quieter work environments since there are no carbon emissions or odors. Check out our incentives for NREV today.
Many businesses today must meet aggressive renewable energy goals driven by market demands, making changes such as reducing their carbon footprints, purchasing green power or installing on-site solar panels just to name a few. Consider TVA and your local power company as trusted partners for implementing your clean-power strategies.
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